I began painting as a full time professional artists 20 years ago, but I have been painting all my life, teaching myself through trial and error, and developing my own unique style and technique with watercolors

The process begins with my imagination. Whatever the subject, I begin each painting the same way: painting from the foreground working towards the background. My images evolve as I paint. I do not pre-draw the whole image prior to applying the watercolors. It is more like a puzzle I am piecing together as I draw and paint. This process enables me to control the lines, the amount of color and texture I want to utilize. Each image evolves through the time spent in the process of applying layer upon layer of color, and utilizing patterns, texture, and shape. With this technique I am creating a "hard edge" line between the colors and patterns I utilize. By enchaning the foreground, I finish with a dramatic non-traditional watercolor painting. Remember, it is water, paint and paper that I am working with; three factors that are so different and unforgiving.

My images vary in sizes, but I prefer working in a large format. I am able to create images that invoke a response because of my methods and technique. These images today are primarily of an aquatic theme. After seeing different underwaterc environments from a diving mask with limited peripheral vision, I began painting from more of an "in your face" imaginative point of view. With this in mind, I have added personality. Unconsciously, we are creating from our inner feelings. I am fortunate to be doing what I love, painting and selling art and my final product is a fun, clean, crisp, colorful image created with the use of transparent watercolors